Friday, July 22, 2005

Livan determined

Found this post from one of my fellow fans while perusing the NatFanatics forum today, eating my lunch:

I was caught in traffic getting to the ball park and heard the pre-game interview with Livan. He said it was one reporter from ESPN last night that took what he said out of context. It was probably 100 degrees on the field at game time last night. I'd bet after it was over he was exhausted, dehydrated and frustrated over the loss. He said tonight, I'm not about to quit on this team. We're not done yet and we're going to win this division. No way I am going to quit on my teammates here, we are together. I was glad to hear it from his mouth. These are frustrating times. Lets hope we can stop leaving so many men on base and cease with the dumb base running.
Go Nats

Go Nats indeed. Livan may not be the most stable molecule in the project, but anyone can have a bad night and say the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong guy.

We need FIRE. Livan had it in spades in the first half. He can get it back. We need one more pitcher, and one more bat, and we could do some real damage to the NL East...


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