Friday, September 02, 2005

I Heart Roy

This man is my creative hero:

I've Been Changed by Moon Pies

I’ve been ah-sked to be the belle of the ball bearings at thisyears Unidentified Mechanism Convention, it‘s right next to theUnidentified Organism display in downtown Itch Nebraska next to Riley’s Won Ton Delight Corned Beef Ice Cream Restaurant, the restaurant that served the first celebrity in the history of the state of Nebraska when Nebraska used to be located next to Mississippi back in the day of the terrible lizard(s) all the states of the union were either in solid, liquid or gas form butthen the solids decided that the gases were really nothing anyway so they got together with the liquids and felt better about fetes because after all they knew even then that run on sentences are usually very hard to follow me anywhere I say I will lead you in directions never before seen by human people God knows there are all sorts of people but I tend to like the human ones better because somehow they travel in circles kinda like this sentence anyway I must geaux now because I must go so please excuse me while I go as getting there begins when I go get ready to be there when I go there too many times in the blistering festering that is the current state of affairs dictates we should all be alike no matter how much alike we really are say, have you ever thought of becoming the proud owner of the magic bullet? it makes omelets, figlets, tartlets and diahhreaa no one expects the Spanish inhibition after all whenever asked for the hives either but somehow millions of people becomes then in fact then it was now already so hurry in while supplies last as those shoes will never be the same again especially since the price of it all just went in the expected direction of egrets speaking of going I must be going hooray for Captain Spaulding!

And this is one of his more sensible ones...


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