Monday, September 19, 2005

The NFL, Christ-like, welcomes all the troubled and weary.

OK. We get it. New Orleans needs our help. And I dearly hope that the telethon during the Monday Night Double-header goes very, very well tonight...

...but Suzy Culver (or whatever the hell her name is) reminded us of the showboating bullshit of Joe Horn the last time these two teams played...and literally said: "And what's wrong with saying, here I am, look what I have done, I'm proud of scoring this touchdown." in regards to his pulling the cell phone out of the pads and making that call.

Enough is fucking enough already. The Saints are not saints. They do not walk on water (pardon the pun). I'm not going to have my intelligence insulted to that degree by some hairdo who was probably one of the first to go on the air and decry that play when it first happened two years ago.


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