Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Those wacky radio people

WCKG/Chicago Staffers Arrested For "Wake the Angels" Stunt
INFINITY FM Talk WCKG/CHICAGO midday sidekick RYAN "MENDER" MENDENHALL and intern CARL KLOCKERS were arrested TUESDAY morning while engaging in the old radio gag of trying to wake up players on the opposing team in town to play the hometown heroes. 

MENDER and KLOCKERS were arrested outside the LOS ANGELES ANGELS OF ANAHEIM's hotel after being caught roaming the halls and knocking on doors; the two, featured on PETE MCMURRAY's midday show, were attempting to help out the WHITE SOX before the first game of the AMERICAN LEAGUE Championship Series by rousing the already tired ANGELS, who had to fly to CHICAGO after winning the Division Series over the YANKEES in ANAHEIM the night before. 

The ruse didn't work, as the ANGELS headed to U.S. CELLULAR FIELD and beat the SOX 3-2 on TUESDAY night. (AllAccess)


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