Sunday, January 22, 2006

Super Bowl XL about set

6 minutes to go in the Seahawks' domination of Carolina. 34-7 Seattle.

Congrats to The Birds on getting out of the Never Been To The Super Bowl Club, most recently vacated by my Bucs and the Panthers. We're now down to seven teams who have never gone. If memory serves, they would be Detroit, Cleveland, New Orleans, Arizona, Houston, Jacksonville,

...anyway, I love watching a team play in their first Super Bowl. And usually, if my team isn't in...I want a rookie to root for. I'd love to see Seattle do well.

However...this year...despite what they did to my son's Broncos today...I want to see Pittsburgh win it. Bettis is a great player, a mighty Domer, a fantastic leader, a really cool guy, and he's done after this season. He should go out with a ring.

Looking forward to a game that most people will groan over because Peyton Manning isn't in it. Toughski shitski. It'll be interesting after the dominating performance both teams put on today.

Aha! Seattle was the seventh. Now there's just six. I'm sure of it...


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