Sunday, February 05, 2006

Crazy Arctic Guy: Day 15

...after a few days without a report, this arrives:

Sun, 5 Feb 2006 // 18:32

Quote of the Day:
'I must admit this is the toughest 'degree of latitude' that I've walked - never struggled with conditions such as these before...'

Latest position: N89°59'35' E107°03'19'
Distance to go: 894km
Temperature: -25°C

Mike and Borge spent all day yesterday (Saturday) in their tent after deciding the winds were too strong and temperatures too cold to walk. Although it was good for them to rest, they were also moving backwards so were hoping for conditions to improve today when they were back out on the ice...

We've been out walking again. It's icy cold out there, -25˚C and a constant northeasterly breeze. Really cold and miserable! Block ice, strewn every which way, slowed our progress considerably. We've been drifting south again with the wind in our faces. Now the drift is carrying us mostly east.

It took us 10 hours to cover 8 km. We've now camped at N89˚59'35', E 107˚03'19' and we still have 894 km left before reaching our goal.

I must admit that this is the toughest 'degree of latitude' that I've walked. We're now just a few hundred metres from N82˚. Never struggled with conditions such as these before. Well, I hope somebody up there appreciates our toil and perseverance, and that things will turn. That is our hope.


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