Thursday, February 16, 2006

Unmitigated Audacity?

I left work for a few minutes after a four hour prod session. Needed the fresh air. It's in the 50s here today (insane). Having a tiny amount of free money to play with for the first time in quite a while, I decided to hit my old trusty used CD store...for the first time in maybe half a year. I did so guilt free. I haven't bought myself anything...period...for a very long time. I've been good. I deserve a treat.

The store has changed owners, which I knew, and I haven't been to the old guys' new digs yet. This place was the destination because it was closer, and because I haven't seen those guys since the funeral of their partner, a mutual friend. I'm having a happy day. I'm not in the mood to halt it.

So anyway, I've been wanting to try and fill a few holes in my Pink Floyd collection (namely their first four albums, although I know I have Saucerful Of Secrets somewhere...), but alas I came up empty. They offered slim Pink pickin's: Animals, The Wall, The Final Cut (which I also need, but not today), and Dark Side (which I have probably three copies of already).

I decided to check the G Rack for any Grateful Dead I needed. The search for Terrapin Station has FINALLY come to an end, edging out Europe '72 because I wanted it more (and it was cheaper). Price: $8.99. Sold. Besides, I see E72 all the time. I never see TS anywhere. And I don't shop online.

On a whim, I headed to the Z Rack, fully aware this place never has Zappa. Ever ever ever. Except today.

I've never heard of this album, not an unusual occurance given that I just discovered Frank a couple years ago, and he has about 53oo damn albums out there. And just looking at it I knew it had to be a bootleg, which meant the sound quality would be suspect. But for an additional $8.99, I was leaving with both.

Pulling my purchases out of the sleeves on the wall, the comely young lady behind the counter said "Holy shit...we had a Zappa?"

I told her that was same thought I had when I saw it.

I've listened to a little of it, getting set up in here for my Friday VT. It's decent enough quality, as bootlegs go it's actually pretty damn good. Musically, it's fantastic. Vintage Mothers. And I love that it was recorded right here at Notre Dame back in '74.

I looked it up on AMG, and it turns out it's respected enough in the Zappa Camp that it was part of an official Beat The Bootlegs! collection a while back from Rhino's Foo-Eee label. That's the version I have. Same cover.

Always a good musical day when there's new Zappa to absorb. And my favorite Dead album, mine at last. Plus, the list is all old, old Mothers...much of which I'm unfamiliar with. Bonus bonus.


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