Tuesday, May 09, 2006

And don't forget folks...

...that's what you get folks...for makin' Whoopi.

This is actually a brilliant idea. She'd be perfect to kick up female numbers, so long as she was handled properly and treated well.


Whoopi Gets Morning Show From CC, Premiere
Radio is an area I have always wanted to play in
What's radio's way to reach women? CLEAR CHANNEL and PREMIERE RADIO NETWORKS think it's WHOOPI GOLDBERG, and they've announced that the actress/comic will host "WAKE UP WITH WHOOPI," a new weekday morning show, starting JULY 31. The 5-9a show is being targeted at AC stations and will allow stations to insert locally-programmed music. No affiliates have been announced for the show yet.

"Radio is an area I have always wanted to play in," GOLDBERG said in a press release. "There aren't many women helming their own show. I'm thrilled to add my name to that small list because I believe that we have something to add to the morning groove."

GOLDBERG has no prior radio experience but CLEAR CHANNEL RADIO Pres./CEO JOHN HOGAN is undaunted, asserting that "WHOOPI is one of those rare artists whose appeal crosses all demographics– and she's a natural on radio. It should be no surprise that her demos have been outstanding– she's an incredibly accomplished actor, writer, producer and humanitarian. WHOOPI makes you laugh, think, question and celebrate all at the same time. She's exactly what adult contemporary radio needs for the morning drive– and we're incredibly fortunate to welcome her."


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