Friday, July 14, 2006

Warren on Decision '08

BRILLIANT, as usual. Not always, but usual.

From: Warren Ellis
Date: Jul 14, 2006 8:16 PM
Subject: Thought For The Night

Someone at Heroes Con asked me, during my marathon three-and-a-half-hour stage thing there, what I thought would happen in the US presidential race in 2008.

My abiding hope is that it turns out to be Arnold Schwartzegger versus Jesse Ventura.

If only for the debates.

It wouldn't be two lecterns on a stage, see. It'd be a ring, marked out with stones on dirt. And two swords would be thrown into the ring. Then Arnie and Jesse would be pushed into the ring, and there'd be that music that was played on the old STAR TREK whenever Captain Kirk had to fight somebody.

The ad sales for the first commercial break in the debates would, on their own, wipe out the American budget deficit.

You're welcome.

-- W


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