Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Beauty And The Belly

This morning on email, my Producer's Network was briefly discussing Jennifer Love Hewitt. In particular, member Michael's unfettered love for her...which I countered with my opinion that she'd be hotter in my Pantheon Of Chicks I Have No Shot With if her boob job didn't cause her to resemble a broom handle with two water balloons tacked onto it. Pretty, yes, but I'm not a fan of the Big Boob Vanity thing.

My contribution:

Funny story, then, for Michael.

About a year ago, a couple of friends of mine got married, and I was the best man. The Bride was a veteran of the 90's Miss Teenage USA pageant scene, mostly in California. Including some tours of Europe.

Her roomate on the last tour? Jennifer Love Hewitt. "Love", to her friends.

JLH was, as I understand it, approached to be the Maid Of Honor at the wedding, but had to decline due to her shooting schedule for
Ghost Whisperer.

I nearly walked Jennifer Love Hewitt down the aisle, and nearly danced with her at the reception.

Her huge rack and my fat gut would have fit together like South America and Africa on some bizarre global dance floor...


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