Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Non-Imus Headlines

(because God knows you won't find any on the fucking television today)

(all courtesy of the BBC, where NEWS is)

Jail for Serb video death squad
A court in Serbia sentences four paramilitaries filmed killing Bosnian Muslims during the 1995 Srebrenica massacre.

Ethiopia admits terror detentions
Ethiopia admits it has detained 41 foreign "terror suspects" who were captured in neighbouring Somalia.

Woman loses final embryo appeal
A woman left infertile after cancer therapy has lost her fight to use frozen embryos fertilised by an ex-partner.

'Hijacker seizes Turkish plane'
A Turkish plane is hijacked on an internal flight, but a man surrenders after it lands in Ankara, Turkish media say.

Chad admits battle inside Sudan
Chad says its troops did cross into Sudan and clash with the army, in the two rivals' first direct battle.

Bush renews immigration bill call
US President George W Bush stresses the need for a consensus in Washington on reforming immigration laws.

Guantanamo force-feeds detainees
Thirteen detainees on hunger strike in Guantanamo are being force-fed through their noses, the US navy says.

Australia to double Afghan force
Australia's PM announces plans to nearly double troop numbers in Afghanistan, to help fight the Taleban.

Macau 'unblocks' N Korean funds
Macau unblocks frozen funds that have proved a stumbling block to a N Korea nuclear deal, the US says.

Many dieters 'finish up heavier'
Dieting is unlikely to lead to long-term weight loss and may put a person's health at risk, a study says.


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