Monday, August 20, 2007

Blue Boy

Having trouble sleeping, so I'm trying something a little different before I go out and invest in a bunch of hot tea varieties.

A generous snort of scotch whisky, Isle Of Jura, aged 20, not too peaty, just enough bite to make my neck snap a little after each sip.

I anticipate some success with this method, but don't intend to make a habit of it.

And it won't be nearly as tasty as Friday Night's libation was.

This bad boy:

I wasn't even aware that the good folks at Johnny Walker made a blue variety. My Unofficial Brother Frank, Lord And Keeper Of Scotches, was given this recently when he ticked off a rather important birthday. It's a $200 bottle, and he was kind enough to pour me a few fingers of it while we sat and talked about cats and books Friday night.

I have a few decent bottles of my own...nothing worth more than $50 or $60, though. And let me tell you: there is a mammoth jump in quality from $60 to $200. This was so smooth it almost made me cry.

Must make wealthy friends before I turn 40...must make wealthy friends before I turn 40...


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