Thursday, August 04, 2005

Forsberg Flyers Away

1991-1992 Season.
The Flyers draft Peter Forsberg, a young kid from Sweden. He wears a jersey long enough to get his rookie card picture taken...and then is promptly traded away to the Quebec Nordiques. Four years later, he finally broke into the big time and made a big-ass mark on the league, sparking debate as to whether Philly or the Diques got the better end of the deal. That's a push, in my opinion, since he was part of the trade to bring Lindros to town.
Funny how the circle moves...

The Greatest Player in Hockey, my favorite player since I became a fan a decade ago, and a significant, central part of the brain of my beloved Colorado off to Philly.

While I am incredibly sad to see him go, it's also a sitaution that could be far worse. Pete nearly went to the NHL's Witness Protection Program (my other team, the lowly Blackhawks), where his career in the NHL would have become horribly stagnant. At least in Philly, he's with a contender. A team built in such a way that he has a real shot at winning the Hart Trophy this season, and drinking nice, warm, Scandanavian Glug from Lord Stanley's Cup next summer.

To make cap room, the Flyers sent Roenick off to the Kings. JR told the press that the Flyers with Forsberg would be better than the Flyers with him. Interesting. And, of course, true.

Farewell, Mighty Pete, and good luck in the City of Brotherly Love. I'll follow your season with great interest...and more than a little jealousy.


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