Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Time Famine

Just finished scrolling quickly through my TODAY folder in my GMail account. It's where I dump the daily news I get from several sources, most notably the BBC Online Daily Update. I find the BBC to be the best source I have for real news...since it doesn't have any of the GOP-Fellating style of Fox News...or the rigid Hey! This Is Frickin' COOL! vibe of CNN...or the We Still Exist! feel of MSNBC (journalism's witness protection program). The BBC is closer to the international scene, has more integrity, and to me is that classier dame in the corner of the bar that brings to mind the word Smouldering.

I've been so damn busy lately that I've just noticed the last time I read a daily update sheet from them before dumping it into the folder...was July 21st. A full damn month of too busy to be bothered with my news fix.

Gotta change that. My reputation as a news junkie notwithstanding...I'm in danger of becoming even further out-of-touch in my own mind.


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