Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cubs/Sox. I get it now.

Last night, during Game 2 of the ALCS, The Boy demonstrated something sports-related that I've never really believed in.  Until now.

He's been a Cubs fan for 4 years now. His grandparents on my side are big Cubs fans, we were living in their house at the time, voila. Instant fandom. I, on the other hand, never wanting to jump on the fullest bandwagon, was sickened by how trendy it is to become a Cubs fan in this part of the midwest. So I decided to support the South Siders. And I've been pretty loyal to the White Sox in the for a flirtation with the Twins last year to get on Dickson's nerves here at work.

Anyway, last night, watching the game, after his homework is done...I realize Skylar is cheering for Los Anaheimgeles every time they do something good.

"Hey!" I bellow, equal parts hurt and surprised. "Cheer for Chicago! C''s a regional team."

Serious as an oil pan on a '53 Merc, he turns, looks at me and says: "But Dad. I'm a CUBS fan.  It's not right."

Having never lived in the Windy City, I've always thought this Cubs/Sox thing was a learned response. Something that comes from years, nay, generations of cross-town teasing and picking.

Now I understand. It's ingrained in the souls of Cubs Fans. The Sox fans just respond to it out of preservation of their culture.

Wow. And a little child shall lead them...


Blogger CCD said...

Good post. I have never really understood this Cub/Sox deal myself. As a Cub fan I don't mind the Sox. Still I find myself in the minority in Chicagoland.


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