Friday, December 30, 2005

Building The Perfect Beast (note to self)

The Avs Perfect Season is now into the playoffs here in the Family Hockey League. My Avs went 82-0-0, and are now leading Anaheim in the first round by a game. So, naturally, since I cannot be stopped, nor even contained, my thoughts have turned to the next season and what the lineup will be as I guide my other favorite team to Lord Stanley's Cup.

Therefore, I future Chicago Blackhawks:

Hey...if the Avs can trade him to Philly, then I can send him to the Windy City. Forsberg spent almost the entire season on this Playstation Year out with an ACL Tear. I ran my favorite team for a full season...and barely got to spend any time with one of my favorite players. So I'm sending him to the Hawks. It's my game. So there.

I'm also trading myself (209 goals) and Skylar (184 goals) to Chicago. Obviously. The rest of the Avs, I'm leaving intact. As much as I love Super Joe, he spent less time on IR and besides, the Avs aren't the Avs without Cap'n Sakic. But I will be bringing Miroslav Satan with me, because he's fun, and he's always a great winger on the 4th line.

Now...this is the EA Sports NHL 2001 I'm talking about here, so I'm a bit limited in the Who department. Nevertheless, I'm going the nostalgiac route. I'm bringing back the boys I loved when I first starting sniffing around the sport, back in the day.

I'm not gonna go crazy and create Esposito, or Hull, or Makita, or even Savard. But I'm gonna try to revisit the team from the last Cup run in '92 to some degree, and get a little creative from surrounding eras)...

My shopping list is as follows:

  • Tony Amonte (who actually should still be there from '01...I'll have to check...)
  • Jeremey Roenick (back where he belongs)
  • Chris Chelios (back where he belongs)
  • Belfour (or Hasek...tough call)
  • Alexei Zhamnov
  • Steve Smth
  • Steve Larmer
  • Brian Noonan
  • Eric Weinrich
  • Adam Creighton
  • Jocelyn Lemieux
  • Eric Daze
  • Steve Thomas
  • Pat Poulin
  • Keith Brown
  • Rob Brown (why not)
  • Mike Hudson
  • Stephane Matteau
  • Chris Ruuttu
  • Dirk Graham
  • Brent Sutter
  • Gary Suter

Just how many of these guys were still around in '01, I don't know. But I'll look for 'em.

Here come the hawks...the mighty...Blaaaaaackhawks!


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