Friday, January 06, 2006

Bet your bottom dollar

(my contribution to a discussion this morning in my producer's network, where someone mentioned Annie)

My little sister Hollie watched Annie one summer. Every day. Twice.

It was the first summer that I didn't spend on the road with my Grandparents, so I was home a lot (as it was also especially rainy, and most of my friends were out on vacations.) After all, you can only play by yourself so much at the age of 12 before you start to get reckless and have to go indoors out of self-preservation.

Hollie had taped Annie on her Very Own Betamax Tape. That's capitalized for a reason. When you're a kid, having Your Own Tape to put things on is a HUGE deal. And so, she watched Her Tape every day that summer. Twice.

I have Annie memorized to the point that I flinch whenever someone sings that song. I get a nervous tic just talking about it now. I hated 7up for ages because the Uncola Guy was in the movie. I used to hear the songs in my sleep. Sometimes, they're still there.

Last year, my sister rented it on VHS and wrapped it as a gag Christmas gift for me. She threatens to buy it for Emily from time to time.

Emily would be all over this movie, as much as she loves to sing. The moment Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan stop putting out product...I'm doomed.


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