Monday, January 23, 2006

The West Wing impeached by NBC

Once the show started to be less about Bartlett and McGarry, and the original cast started pulling an exit strategy of ER was all over but the crying. Especially after Sorkin bolted, being the creator and driving force. The death of John Spencer was the final nail in the show's coffin.

Shame, too. It was a clever, well-written, thoughtful exploration of the Presidency, which I have been a student of for some time. I find Presidential history fascinating. I respect any attempt to make a drama about it. That's why this Commander-In-Chief debacle rubs me so raw. The writers have a great concept, and stellar actress...and absolutely no direction or skill to make the show worth watching. I watch it anyway, because it's a political show and I have hopes it will improve (plus, The Beloved Kim really enjoys it). But Geena Davis is wasted in this vehicle.

And I love the irony that both actors who have portrayed Capt. B. F. Pierce on M*A*S*H (Sutherland from the movie, Alda from TV) are trying to become the next President on the two shows. Bizarre.

Anyway, farewell West Wing. You were something to look forward to every week. Christ, even my father (who is as Republican as you can be without having bible ink all over your fingers) is a diehard fan of the Bartlett Democratic White House...

Struggling to regain its footing after the worst season in its history, NBC announced Sunday it was pulling the plug on the Emmy-winning political drama after seven seasons. NYT: Will and Grace also canceled. Mediaweek: NBC virtually guaranteed fourth-place finish. Newsweek: NBC's CEO Jeff Zucker is working fast to revive the Peacock Network's fortunes. Will his moves be a big hit?


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