Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Crazy Arctic Guy almost halfway there now

Tue, 28 Feb 2006 // 22:48

Latest position: N85°22'42' E98°12'51'
Distance to go: 515km
Temperature: -28°C (without windchill)

MAKING GOOD HEADWAY...'It has been another good day for us. We've walked 25 km today in ten hours - that's 28 km closer to the North Pole, taking into account last night's ice drift. We are really satisfied with that kind of progress! We had an easterly wind today, too, but not as annoying or biting cold as yesterday. -28°C is within our 'comfort zone', unless the wind factor make's life chillier. Fortunately the wind velocity stayed around 5 metres per second (11mph), and now it's died down completely. We wonder what tomorrow will bring.

We saw polar bear tracks today and yesterday, but they weren't fresh.

Tonight our position is N85°22'42' E98°12'51'. The light is fantastic up here! It's bluish violet with a trace of red near the southern horizon. We only have to use our headlights in the morning and for a few hours in the evening. The rest of the time, there is enough light from the sky to navigate.

We see our surroundings well and the ice conditions are still really excellent. Perhaps a bit more chaotic and mixed, but we're making good headway. We still have about 515 km to go.

We're going to bed now, hoping to wake to yet another good day tomorrow!


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