Saturday, February 25, 2006

News, Glorious News...

I've been deeply entrenched, madly obsessed, totally enveloped with the novel. I'm spending almost none of my free time (after the kids crash) doing anything else. So here's some of the stories I've been saving but not posting:

The highlights:
  • Crazy Arctic Guy has pushed up to 83 North, but finally did what I was afraid would happen, and fell in the water. He'll get his own thread, because I have about four days of him to post.
  • SOUTH DAKOTA HOUSE OKS BILL TO BAN NEARLY ALL ABORTIONS (headline from Fox News Channel email Friday afternoon).
  • And then...on the other end of the scale...there's Harare, Zimbabwe and the worst story of 2006 so far.
  • Henry Rollins (my Guardo Camino) has been placed on the Terrorist Person Of Interest list in Oceania because of some jackass who literally judged a book by it's cover.
  • James Bond fans (of which I am one) are boycotting the new Casino Royale film (which I am most certainly not) because they hate the new actor portraying Bond, Daniel Craig.
  • My Washington Nationals could be facing a mandatory name change. Already. The owner is unavailable for comment...because we still don't fucking have one...
  • Oh yeah, and more than 30 pitchers showed up at the Nats' Spring Training Camp, mostly relievers. Only 6 or 7 will make it. The rest will wait to be called up so they can routinely suck for us in the last half of the season...
  • Glacial melt accelerating.
  • Astronaut photography of earth.


Anonymous slaytanik said...

man that zimbabwe stuff is just NASTY! as for SD (u know ppl that live here arent that bright). and to close it out, henry rollins is GOD!

Blogger Tommie Lee said...

Rollins isn't God. Just a tattooed apostle of the truth.


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