Friday, February 17, 2006

The Wyoming Two-Step

Don't get me wrong. I used to hunt. I understand how accidents can happen. Cheney had a responsibility to aim high, just like the Air Force say, and the old man he shot should have been more cautious before stepping into the line of possible fire. I feel bad for everyone who was involved in the shooting, I'm relieved that Mr. Whittington has survived and is doing well, and I told my share of Dick Cheney/Aaron Burr jokes in the hall and in the studio (and didn't John C. Calhoun shoot someone, too? Didn't I hear that somewhere this week?).

But moments ago, the shooting victim appeared in public, delivering a statement to the press. He was standing in a suit rather than wheelchair-bound in a gown...wherupon he APOLOGIZED to the Vice-President for the chaos he's had to deal with this week. Moments after that, we go to Laramie, WY. Here, we see the Veep addressing the State Legislature.

Before he speaks, the President of the State Legislature says: "And it's just come to my attention that in such-and-such year, the University of Wyoming recieved a donation of something-point-something Million Dollars from a foundation funded by Dick and Lynn Cheney. We want to thank you for your incredible support of the University, etc..."

Cheney, to his Best Supporting Actor credit, looked humbled and surprised that this Big 'Ol Thank You was mentioned.

Pretending to be surprised, he read his opening statement, and then acknowledged the donation, telling the story of he and his wife beginning their marriage living in campus housing, what it meant to them, how they wanted to give back, etc."

And he did so without looking away from his notes.

It couldn't have looked better choreographed with dancers and a broadway cast.

I love being insulted by my Government. All hail the misdirection two-step...


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