Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Weird week

Very little sleep. Difficult schedule to nap in. No energy to do much.

Yet, I've been busy. And busy is good, even if it's pointless from time to time.

Watching Edmonton and San Jose in the Cup Playoffs. I heard a rumble that the Canadian National Anthem was booed at the last game, in SJ.

God bless hockey. And the strange rage it brings to the little blue marble of the world.

Which reminds me: as show prep for the Morning Drive tomorrow (so I can sound like I know what I'm talking about)...I watched American Idol tonight. We always talk about it on the morning show...because our audience cares about it.

Some thoughts:
  • It's an hour-long commercial.
  • None of these people can sing all that well.
  • Paula Abdul is either drunk, stoned, or a sophisticated sex robot made from recycled plastic.
  • By not watching America's TV Crack...I am missing...NOTHING.
  • I will now assume the role (for these last few episodes) of Person Who Hates It For A Better Reason. SHould make for good phones.
  • I will not be acting in that role. At all.

Gonna try and sleep now. I finally dove back into the novel after more than three weeks. Fixed C10 to my satisfaction, progress can resume, and C10 is finished.

The cable guy spent 5 hours fixing our service tonight. That's right. Five.


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