Thursday, January 12, 2006

file under CRAP, HOLY

The latest from stormswept Oregon from my Brother Roy, serving as our intrepid roving...make that rowing...reporter:

It is shit storming again here at the now sinking Oregon coast…

Reported gusts of 26-30 mph belie the actual 60mph gusts that have blown almost non-stop here.

On my trip inland yesterday, the road was “littered” with boulders (!!!) the size of my car!

Last evening as Rick and I were closing the doors to our shop, it began to wail and a sound like 12 anti-aircraft batteries took us aback. Then the SPL increased to a level we haven’t heard EVER in that shop…then hail fell in a release that dumped about one inch of ice right before our eyes! (all at once !)

While we all now I’m as full of shit as a Christmas turkey you all know I’m not much for B.S.

This is the most intense weather that HASN’T caused a major calamity I’ve ever been in.

The land separating most of us from the raging waters of the Pacific is (in my case, particularly) less than ¼ mile.

That land is beyond the saturation point… I firmly believe we’re seeing the beginning of the erosion that re-forms continents.


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