Monday, January 09, 2006

Why Erik Kuselias is my hero

First of all...check out his producer, Amanda Brown.

I believe the word is DAMN. That's a classicaly beautiful human being.

Secondly, he puts out a great show every day, even if he's been moved to another timeslot.

Thirdly, he's a lawyer...but he doesn't meet the typical requirement of evil one associates them with. To the contrary, he's a devoted husband, doting father, and the kinda guy you can kick back and drink a beer with at the game, and discuss anything at all.

Fourth, he asks the probing, intelligent questions we'd all love to hear the answers to from some of the biggest names in sports every day. Like Jerry Rice. Like Dick Vitale. Like Muhammad Ali. Like Bud Selig.

And yes. Like the Coors Twins.

And finally...he agrees with me about the catch Saturday in the Bucs' catastrophic and embarassing-as-all-hell loss to Washington in the Wild Card Game. Any other spot on the field...that's a frickin' catch. We were robbed of an overtime where we would have continued to stuff Portis, and eventually found Joey in the end zone for the win.

I heard this on the way home today, verifying to me once again that when people ask who MY favorite radio person is, my pat-answer of Erik Kuselias is accurate, and genuine.

So glad to have him back on for my ride home. It was weird listening to other people fill his timeslot most of last month.

He's interesting, funny, smarter than 99% of his audience (that number includes me, of course), and above all else...he's absolutely right. My Bucs got screwed by the officials.


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