Friday, January 06, 2006

Houston's Favorite Son

OK, I'm mulling over the NFL Draft. I'm no expert, I'm just a fan who pays attention. And I love the Houston Texans. As much as I dislike cities getting a new franchise after they blew it with another, I also understand that the fans usually aren't to blame. Owners can screw a city and make themselves look justified in doing so. So my stance has softened on the Texans since the team began, and I kinda like the way they keep fighting despite a huge lack of talent and a collection of fans who are constantly disappointed.

Houston is getting worse, not better, despite having coaches who seem to have a grasp on development. And also, despite having David Carr, a pretty damn good Quarterback who has a worse O-line than my Bucs, and almost no talent to give the ball to once it's snapped to him.

Here's what I think needs to happen.

Let Reggie Bush go to the Saints.

Vince Young is the answer.

He just ran roughshod over what every "expert" was falling all over itself to crown as The Greatest College Team Ever. He's a Houston native. He'll put asses in the seats. Revenue goes up. You can afford better talent when that happens.

(re)Building a team around a homegrown QB, in a state where Football is nearly as important as Jesus and BBQ, would be the best Pro Sports marketing move since letting the fans own the Packers.

You want to build real loyalty and love in Houston for the Texans?

Skip the Heisman winner. How many of them work out in the Pros, anyway?

Vince Young should wear #10 for the Texans.

Sure, one game does not a career define. But this wasn't just one game. This was a general, destroying everyone in their path, including the USC Team that won a million games or so leading up to the Rose Bowl.


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