Sunday, February 19, 2006

Crazy Arctic Guy: Day 28

I have to admit, reading some of his reports is giving me some great ideas for what I'm writing at home these days. It's set in a very similar set of circumstances.

I started off making fun of this guy, because I think he's insane trying to pull this off. Now I have more respect for hm than I thought possible.

I still think he's crazy, though...

...Sat, 18 Feb 2006 // 18:38

Quote of the Day:
'At 6 o'clock in the morning you do not feel like jumping into the Arctic Ocean - well we did!...'

Latest position: N83°39'58' E103°20'41'
Distance to go: approx 706km
Days of food left: 39
Wind: NW 5-7m per second
Drift: Southwards 500m per hour

' Two steps forward, one step back!! That's what it is like. After 9 hrs of walking we moved 17kms but the GPS reading said we only moved 8kms. The southerly drift is 0.5km/hr. The worst conditions we could possible have are the northwesterly winds (today at 5-7 metres/second) as this gives us the southward drift. If the wind comes from the northeast it is better for us because we will drift east instead of south. It is all to do with the rotation of the planet.

We faced a big challenge this morning - a 300metre lead that we needed to cross. At 6 o'clock in the morning you do not feel like jumping into the Arctic Ocean. Well we did! We put on our swimsuits (otherwise called survival suits that are worn over the clothing and are completely waterproof) and jumped into the water. Borge took the lead and with his body started to break the ice. Borge held two ropes and pulled the sledges from the front. I went in after and pushed the sledges from behind. It was a good thing that we waited overnight before attempting the cross this lead because the second half of the lead had frozen sufficiently for us to walk on. We made it and we were happy!

Borge and I have decided to take a rest day tomorrow. We discussed it between us and decided it would be better for us psychologically to stop and move backwards rather than to move forward and move backwards at the same time. We would rather move forward and drift forward and make double time in the days to come. (Confused?!?!) Anyhow, tomorrow will be a repair day. We have a lot of things that need to be checked. A tent pole started splitting today at the joint. Borge has already repaired it with wire. I must repair the cover of my sledge, the skins in my skis and will spend the day inspecting the rest of my equipment. Apart from that, these days are tough going and our bodies are in need of a rest. Not a lot of words are spoken between me and Borge - we walk all day, eat and sleep!


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