Saturday, May 20, 2006

"We're not going anywhere without AJ!!!"

- (quote from Bruce Willis in Armageddon)

I missed it.

Can't complain too loudly. Craigness called me as soon as it happened to let me know about it. And I had a great excuse for not watching the game: I was at Sky's first ever Cub Scout Campout, which was reat (and also my first since 1981).

A.J. is on third, bases loaded, when he makes a break for home on a pop fly that got the first out of the inning. He scores the first run after come-come-come-come-come-coming like a freight train (311) and plowing straight through Barrett, the Cubbies' catcher.

AJ leans into him a bit after he gets up (AJ claims he was trying to walk around him to get to his helmet. Barrett allegedly says "I didn;t even have the ball, bitch" while he arm-hugs him...and then sucker-punches AJ out of nowhere.

Benches clear.

Bullpens clear.

Game delayed for 15 minutes while they sort it out. Two Cubs, Two Sox booted.

AJ was one of them. In essence, it appears he was kicked out of the game for being punched in the face unexpectedly. But it didn't seem to hurt matters much: Sox 7, Cubs 0.

Four of those runs were batted in by Iguchi, two batters after the melee. A Grand Slam that no one will probably remember, given what preceeded it.

Nats won today too, so I'm 2-0 on the day. And Atlanta is getting spanked 13-0 by the Diamondbacks right now. My baseball day could only have been better if Detroit and the YankMees were to lose. I know NYY won, but I haven't heard about the Kitties yet.


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