Friday, September 23, 2005

It's The New Mother Nature Takin' Over

This was sent by email from a friend I won't name, who was born and raised in New Orleans, and now lives in the Pacific NW.

(reprinted without his permission)

Well Kids…

I have a friend that lived in the same house for over thirty
years in New Orleans.
He really worked hard all his life, so did his wife.
A big storm took away all they had.
Now their email is "dead", their cell phone doesn't answer.
Last I emailed with him, he was living in his RV, several family
members were missing.
I hope he's coping well, I don't know.

My sister is evacuating her home in Lafayette, LA.
She's afraid she may lose everything too.
She's packing the house and taking the dog.

These two lives are a microscopic portion of the misery
affecting hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens.

Watching the television news about all the evacuations in Texas
and Louisiana sickens me.
Why can't the powers that be do something about people sitting
in cars in 95+ degree heat by the tens of thousands wasting
enormous amounts of gasoline, old folks dying, ??? It is
apparent the United States is totally unprepared for anything
but Desperate Housewives, bleached hair and horrid manners.

Don't mean to sound despondent… just belching vitriol.

Maybe…just maybe… if we all agree to ask the higher powers for
new leadership all at the same time… a miracle may indeed
happen. I am thankful
(his wife)
and I are safe for the moment.

Meanwhile, you may have read….
Researchers are gathering at the confluence of the Pacific and
North American continental plate.
They're drilling for samples of the earth's and charting the
area to ascertain the reason for thousands of small quakes
occurring there. Japan is also launching a vessel capable of the
same research along a similar rift upon which Japan sits atop.

And Mount Saint Helens continues to bubble and boil….


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