Sunday, February 19, 2006

Crazy Arctic Guy rests, drifts south

Sun, 19 Feb 2006 // 18:10

Quote of the Day:
'It's actually rather cosy inside our tent, we've really relaxed, eaten well and listened to music on our mp3-players.'

Latest position: N83°36'17' E103°14'41'
Days of food left: 38
Conditions: Northerly winds and snowing
Drift: Southwards 500m per hour

Today Mike and Borge took a rest day, only their second since the start of the expedition four weeks ago: 'Rest day today - day no 29. I'll try and send a couple of photos of polar bear prints. This bear must have crossed our path just before we were in a storm a few days ago. The full moon was out this day so this gave us some light. The prints have filled up with the drifting snow. Borge and I are inside the tent which we now call 'home'. The frost bite on my nose is not too bad but I will have to take care. Borge has a very swollen face because of walking into the headwinds. These winds have made us drift south for 3 days now - three days with no progress! Hope the wind changes soon! That's all for now. Will get some sleep.'


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