Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Crazy Arctic Guy, Days 7-10

I'm falling behind. Busy week at work, no internet at home until tomorrow.

Here's the latest from this week:

Sat, 28 Jan 2006 // 16:36

Latest Position: N 81°30'28.1' E 101°28'3.1' (28.1.06)
Temperature: -30° (and dropping)
Conditions: snow with cold SW wind

DAY 7: MIKE & BORGE SLEDDING ON THIN ICE...After drifting south for nearly a week, Mike and Borge are finally making progress in the northward drift but walking cautiously on the thin ice...'We've had the best day since we started! We've done 17 km in the right direction!

The weather is still very bad and the temperatures have dropped drastically to around -30°C. It has snowed all day long with cold winds coming from the south. Later in the afternoon the wind turned to the SW and brought even more snow. The snow rapidly covered all the leads and turned the icecap into a potential minefield. In the dark we cannot distinguish the differences in the colour of the icecap so have to test it with our ski poles by tapping the ice in front of us before placing our feet. Borge narrowly escaped disaster when the thin ice started to give way under his weight and the weight of his sled. We swam 3 times over open leads today while the ice was moving and quickly closing up. We are still on very thin ice and hope to make rapid progress to more stable ice soon.

Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to live while you can! Life is very short so each minute is important!'

Sun, 29 Jan 2006 // 16:14

Latest position: N 81°39'11.4' E 101°56'47.7' (29.1.06)
Wind direction: Westerly
Ice thickness: up to 60cm


We made okay progress today - the wind that was supposed to help came more from the west rather than south west, so we are drifting to the east south east. We were hoping for a drift to the north but only time will tell. Today was the first day that we did not swim. The ice has become more stable and a little thicker up to 60cm. It is more stable and travelling will hopefully become less dangerous. We are eating well and burning up to 6000 calories a day in 9.5 hours walking. At the end of the day Borge and me can not wait to get into the tent to have our food and sleep. We are using our petzl headlamps with 14 diodes all day long and have been living in complete darkness since the start of the expedition. After 8 days we are slowly finding our feet and hope to get to the north pole in 60 days time. That is if we have no problem with equipment. Best regards, Mike and Borge

Mon, 30 Jan 2006 // 15:26

Quote of the Day:'We hope that the weather conditions will settle - with the temperatures going up and down it is difficult to adjust our clothing so we need to stop frequently to put clothes off or on...'

Latest position: N81°45'46.6' E102°48'8.5' (30.1.06)
Distance to go: 919km
Conditions: Strong west winds 10-12m per second
Temperature: mild up to -10°C

NEWS FROM MIKE: At 1400hrs GMT this afternoon, Mike called his support team with an update:

We're moving slowly but surely. Today we are experiencing very strong winds of around 10-12 metres per second from the west and the temperatures have once again shot up to about -10°C. We have moved onto older ice which is good but when two masses of this ice hit together under pressure, huge mountains of broken ice appear and make it very hard for us to get our sledges over. We advanced 12 kms today, swimming over one lead and doing some ice hopping over another. We have travelled about 50 kms now and with our calculations have 919kms to go before we arrive at the Pole. We just hope that the weather conditions will settle. There has been bad weather since we started. With the temperatures going up and down it is difficult to adjust our clothing so we need to stop frequently to put clothes off or on. Borge and I are being very cautious - you need to be in these conditions.

Southerly winds are predicted for tomorrow. That'll be good!!!!
Regards from Borge and me!

Tue, 31 Jan 2006 // 15:17

Quote of the Day:'If the bear sets off the gun I hope we will wake up before it is too late...'

Latest position: N81°50'6.3' E103°53'6.2' (31.1.06)
Distance to go: 907km

Since starting the expedition 10 days ago, Mike & Borge have been pushing hard but have only been able to progress 97km in the right direction (north). This is due to the drifting icepack which has been taking them south for the majority of the trip so far. Hopefully the icecap will change direction soon...

EMAIL FROM MIKE: We have had very strong winds and cold temperature today with broken ice and arctic water. One of the photos I have sent shows the polar bear trip wire we set up, it is connected to a gun, so if the bear sets off the gun I hope we will wake up before it is too late. We're still drifting to the south east at 0.8 km/h. When will our luck turn...Best from a cold tent

Monday, January 30, 2006

Weird Super Bowl Moments


Some are pretty good...I remember #6 particularly as an example of monumental idiocy...

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Crazy Arctic Guy continues to fight drift

Thu, 26 Jan 2006 // 15:04

Quote of the Day:
'The biggest piece of ice we had been on must have been 400m diagonal. It took hard work and concentration not to go into the drink...'

Latest Position: N 81°18' 30.8' E 100°17'19.8' (26.1.06 1406hrs GMT)
Temperature: -16° (and dropping)
Progress: 700 metres per hour

Email from Mike: 'Very difficult day, a lot of open water and small pieces of ice floating around, temperature slowly getting colder -16°. We had to cross about 15 leeds and our progress is about 700m/h. We are still battling against the drift. The darkness has a big influence on our progress. The biggest piece of ice we had been on must have been 400m diagonal. It took hard work and concentration not to go into the drink. We will be drifting south again tonight so I better get some sleep. Mike & Borge'

For latest news on Mike and Borge go to:

"Obstacles are as big as you personally make them."
Mike Horn

That last line? Its my new email sig line...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Crazy Arctic Guy going in right direction

Wed, 25 Jan 2006 / 14:11

Quote of the Day:'We are travelling on beautiful young ice - there is still a lot of open water but we are managing to jump over it...'

Latest Position: N 81°11'40.1' E 98°18'46.0' (24.1.06 1554hrs GMT)
Miles travelled today: 12km (approx 6km south of starting point, Cape Artichesky)
Weather conditions: Relatively mild
Ice thickness: 30-200cm
Days of food left: 64

Mike and Borge stopped earlier today: 'We've been working hard to regain our lost ground', says Mike. 'The good news is that we have actually moved 12 kms north today and are almost back at Cape Artichesky. We have a southwards drift of only 12° which is a lot less than before. We are travelling on beautiful young ice (first year ice which has a varying thickness of 30 to 200cm). There is still a lot of open water but we are managing to jump over it. There are no more massive leeds (big canals of open water) like we encountered a few days ago.'

'Once we are another 80-90 kms north we will be getting onto the older, thicker ice so the drift should be less and the terrain more stable. Our plan is to do an average walking distance of about 15 kms a day. If the drift is in our favour we might be able to move 20 kms north in one day.'

'The weather conditions are relatively mild, the food is great, we are both strong and are getting on well together. All in all, everything is going well for now!'

For latest news on Mike and Borge go to: http://www.mikehornnorthpole.com

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

WB, UPN to be put down by TV Vet

CBS & Warners Form New TV Network: "The CW" (AllAccess.com)

CBS' LESLIE MOONVES has made a major announcement in the TV world, the birth of a fifth major network -- THE CW -- that will offer 6 hours of primetime programming to affiliates. In a letter to the company, MOONVES said:

"Today, in a joint venture with WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT, we are announcing the intent to form a new broadcast network, THE CW, to be launched in the fall of 2006. CBS AND WARNER BROS. will each hold a 50% interest in THE CW, which will utilize the best programming from WARNER BROS. and CBS CORPORATION, and tap the top executive talent of both organizations. DAWN OSTROFF, currently President of UPN, will become THE CW's President/Entertainment and JOHN MAATTA, currently COO of THE WB, will become THE CW's COO.

In an important strategic move that secures major market distribution for The CW, Tribune Broadcasting and the CBS Corporation's UPN affiliates have agreed to sign 10-year affiliation agreements with the new network. The combination of Tribune's 16 major market stations and the 12 CBS-owned UPN major market affiliates gives The CW instant coverage in 48% of the country. The remainder of the network's distribution system will be a combination of selected current UPN and The WB stations. The full distribution of the new network is expected to exceed 95% of the country.

David Lee Roth appears to be difficult to work with. Imagine that.

"All the execs know they made the two biggest errors in radio history - letting Stern go to Sirius and hiring this moron Roth. He never preps for a show. He is out the door five minutes after the show, unless he is 'forced' to record a commercial or re-record ones he made errors on." (lowdown)

Crazy Arctic Guy experiencing loss of yardage, dropped well behind the line of scrimmage by moving field, 3rd and long


Quote of the Day:'We are now situated 18kms south of our starting point but hey, it's not so bad! There's nothing else to do but to hang in there! Soon the ice cap will turn and change it's direction

Position: N 81°11'40.1' E 98°18'46.0' (18km south & 50km east of Cape Artichesky)
Miles covered: -18km
Conditions: Snowing with strong winds of 5-6 metres per second
Temperature: -14°C (without windchill factor)
Days of food left: 64


Mike phoned his support team earlier today to update us on their progress:

'We moved another 10 kms down south today. It's a bit demoralising when you are walking non-stop north for two days only to find that at the end of the day you are 18kms further south of your starting point. Normally we should be moving towards Norway and Greenland but instead we are moving towards Alaska!!! We are now situated 18kms south and 50 kms east of Cape Artichesky! Heh, it's not so bad! There's nothing else to do but to hang in there! Soon the ice cap will turn and change it's direction.

It's still snowing with winds of 5-6m per second and a temperature of around -14°C (without the windchill factor). The ice is like a broken mosaic. We swam across one leed today and the rest of the time we were ice hopping - a favourite pass-time when I'm with my girls - but not here on the pole!!!

No bears around or at least they haven't come close enough for us to see them! Borge and I stay very close together when we walk. It's very dark and it would be easy to loose each other. All I can see is his headlight next to me.

We're going to sleep now - the terrain is very uneven and it's really hard work pulling these sledges!

For latest news on Mike and Borge go to: www.mikehornnorthpole.com

OK...I'm picking on this guy a lot because I think he's insane, and he seems awfully cocksure that he can accomplish this quest in almost impossibe circumstances. But this line:

It's very dark and it would be easy to loose each other. All I can see is his headlight next to me.

...suggests (bad spelling aside) a lot more than he likely thought it did. There's an awe of his situation in that line. Good for him.

Hey, I hope he makes it.

I just think he's out of his goddamned mind...

Warren Ellis on the Canadian Election...

Just stopping past to note that, on this day of Canadian Comedy Election Cavalcade, where you can vote for any one of a bunch of useless weird-looking twatwarts differentiated only by the timeframe in which they intend to screw you so hard and deep that they jerk their thin, grey, stinking semen directly into your very heart

…maybe I should start again.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Rush Fight at Fark

Fun Fark day. Neil and Geddy have now joined the lawsuit from Alex's Florida brawl.

Found at Fark...

...and appreciated by this Bucs fan:

The West Wing impeached by NBC

Once the show started to be less about Bartlett and McGarry, and the original cast started pulling an exit strategy of ER proportions...it was all over but the crying. Especially after Sorkin bolted, being the creator and driving force. The death of John Spencer was the final nail in the show's coffin.

Shame, too. It was a clever, well-written, thoughtful exploration of the Presidency, which I have been a student of for some time. I find Presidential history fascinating. I respect any attempt to make a drama about it. That's why this Commander-In-Chief debacle rubs me so raw. The writers have a great concept, and stellar actress...and absolutely no direction or skill to make the show worth watching. I watch it anyway, because it's a political show and I have hopes it will improve (plus, The Beloved Kim really enjoys it). But Geena Davis is wasted in this vehicle.

And I love the irony that both actors who have portrayed Capt. B. F. Pierce on M*A*S*H (Sutherland from the movie, Alda from TV) are trying to become the next President on the two shows. Bizarre.

Anyway, farewell West Wing. You were something to look forward to every week. Christ, even my father (who is as Republican as you can be without having bible ink all over your fingers) is a diehard fan of the Bartlett Democratic White House...

Struggling to regain its footing after the worst season in its history, NBC announced Sunday it was pulling the plug on the Emmy-winning political drama after seven seasons. NYT: Will and Grace also canceled. Mediaweek: NBC virtually guaranteed fourth-place finish. Newsweek: NBC's CEO Jeff Zucker is working fast to revive the Peacock Network's fortunes. Will his moves be a big hit?


Ford shifts into N


**Watch FOX News Channel or go to
http://foxnews.com for more

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Extinction potentials

VERY interesting article about predisposition and environment and how it ties itself into extinctions. I love research like this.

Perhaps Pluto will have smarter inhabitants

Waste of goddamn money. And I love the space program, but this is just stupid...

Bhoys sign everybody in footy to one year deal

Wow...I missed this earlier this week. Celtic nabbed a Dundee lad. They also nabbed Debrecen winger Peter Halmosi, Scottish striker Kenny Miller, and Hibs Captain Gary Caldwell. Wow! What a week!

Challenging Google

(Yes, I'm catching up on my newsfeeds tonight...) Interesting scenario. For the record...I really like Google. I hardly every use Yahoo for anything, seldom touch Ask.com at all, and am totally devoted to my gmail (and will be until it stops being free).

Do I feel my privacy rights are violated? I don't do anything worth hiding from any authorities. I don't mind ads in an easy-to-ignore spot in my Inbox, and I kinda like the news headlines and such they offer at the top of the gmail screen now.

I'm just a civil libertarian's dream, aint I?

Then again, there's THIS side of the coin: At first glance it is hard to understand why the US Government's Justice Department wants Google to hand over a week's worth of search data...

4,000,000 +

Since the war began in 1998, some 4m people have died, making it the world's most deadly war since 1945, it said.

Yet another international atrocity we never hear about, because our culture is far more interested in important things like Brad Pitt knocking up Angelina Jolie, and who wins American Freaking Idol.

These are human beings.

Super Bowl XL about set

6 minutes to go in the Seahawks' domination of Carolina. 34-7 Seattle.

Congrats to The Birds on getting out of the Never Been To The Super Bowl Club, most recently vacated by my Bucs and the Panthers. We're now down to seven teams who have never gone. If memory serves, they would be Detroit, Cleveland, New Orleans, Arizona, Houston, Jacksonville, and...um...

...anyway, I love watching a team play in their first Super Bowl. And usually, if my team isn't in...I want a rookie to root for. I'd love to see Seattle do well.

However...this year...despite what they did to my son's Broncos today...I want to see Pittsburgh win it. Bettis is a great player, a mighty Domer, a fantastic leader, a really cool guy, and he's done after this season. He should go out with a ring.

Looking forward to a game that most people will groan over because Peyton Manning isn't in it. Toughski shitski. It'll be interesting after the dominating performance both teams put on today.

Aha! Seattle was the seventh. Now there's just six. I'm sure of it...

Crazy Arctic Guy has trouble on Day Two, doesn't turn back

I will be closely monitoring the suicide...er, attempt to cross the Arctic on foot in winter...of Extreme athlete Mike Horn over the next two months. Daily dispatches come to me via email, and can come to you too. Visit here to get 'em, or keep reading them here at my blog...

I wish him well, but I expect he has underestimated the instability of the environment, and is headed for disaster...

Quote of the Day: 'Today we walked for six and a half hours non-stop against strong NW winds blowing horizontal snow at 7-8m a second. With the strong water currents the ice was moving quickly - we had to move fast before the ice separated us completely...'

Position: N 81°16'496' E 95°39'906'
Distance travelled: 19km, but with SE drift of ice only advanced 2km in the right direction.
Wind: Strong NW
Days of food left: 65


It was an excited Mike that called today (Sunday) at 1530hrs GMT. He was very happy to say that he and Borge had now left Cape Artichesky and were travelling on the sea ice.

They woke up early in the morning to find that north-westerly winds had blown overnight, blowing the ice to the land on the western side of the Cape. They quickly went out to determine whether or not they could set off and saw that the ice was solid - a big thick stable plate of ice - giving them the perfect opportunity to head off, say goodbye to the land and at long last start their expedition.

Mike and Borge worked hard today. They walked for six and a half hours non-stop against strong NW winds blowing horizontal snow at 7-8 metres a second. On two occasions they came across open water and needed to use the inflatable rafts to get across. With the strong water currents the ice was moving quickly so they needed to move fast before the ice separated them completely. Luckily both these occasions went without mishap.

Mike and Borge are thrilled to have finally left the land and to have started their expedition. When they rang today they said that they had walked 19km but with the south-easterly drift of the ice they only advanced 2km in the right direction.

Goodness knows where they'll wake up, but in any case the guys are happy, and sure that they made the right decision to leave the land.

We're looking forward to hearing from them tomorrow and to follow their progress. For latest news on Mike and Borge go to: www.mikehornnorthpole.com

Friday, January 20, 2006

Crazy Arctic Guy has trouble on Day One, turns back

Mike Post has run into freakishly warm weather...and El Oso.

Quote of the Day:'A polar bear opened the zipper of our tent - we managed to get rid of him for the moment, hopefully he will not come back...'

Position: N 81°16'29.8' E 95°39'54.2' (Cape Artichesky, Russia)
Temperature: -5°C
Wind: Westerly/warm
Days of food left: 64


The good news came today that the wind conditions had calmed. Mike and Borge left their lodgings at Golomiyanniy, the helicopter motors were heated, and now at long last, they were on their way to Cape Artichesky, the starting point of their expedition.

Conditions were not what they were expecting. The region seems to be experiencing what we could almost call 'A Siberian Heatwave'. Warm temperatures of -5°C had struck the region, never before seen in this area at this time of year.

Another surprise soon became apparent, the recent westerly winds had blown the ice close to land. Mike and Borge were able to walk immediately onto the sea ice - almost too good to be true!! The courageous team waved goodbye as the helicopters flew away. Now they are alone on the ice, far away from any civilisation or shelter.

The excitement was high! Mike and Borge put on their skis, attached their heavily laden sleds onto their harnesses and started walking across the sea ice. Unfortunately the good luck did not continue...about 600 metres further on they decided to turn around. The ice was not stable, almost sludge in places, broken and moving fast in the current. The only option for them was to turn back to land and hope for better conditions tomorrow.

Now is time to put words into practice, to start getting into routine, each person with a specific chore, with the hope to get the tent up in as little time as possible. They were settling comfortably in the tent and then the next surprise came - their first visitor - a polar bear!! They weren't expecting that on their first evening on the ice! The bear put his paw in the door of the tent, stood on and broke the zipper, sniffed around a little, and then turned backwards to the sled. As Mike and Borge got out of the tent they saw that he was walking off with a bag of food in his mouth. They set off a flare, the frightened bear dropped the food and ran onto the sea ice. As Mike said on the satellite phone, 'We managed to get rid of him for the moment - hopefully he will not come back...'

They certainly won't be sleeping much tonight! One of them will need to stay on bear watch - not so easy in the dark, as Mike explains, 'You can't hear the bears come close to the tent because the wind is blowing too hard.'

The broken zipper is now fixed and they are once again comfortably installed in their tent.

Although the start of their expedition is delayed another day, Mike and Borge have no regrets being where they are. They are in high spirits and want to get moving. Let's hope the temperatures will now drop, the northerly winds will appear and the ice will start freezing once again.

For latest news on Mike and Borge go to: www.mikehornnorthpole.com

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bin Laden offering truce?

(Chicago Tribune)

Zen Sarcasm

(from Juan)

Subject: zen sarcasm

1. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead
of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either. Just
pretty much leave me the hell alone

2. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt
and leaky tire.

3. It's always darkest before dawn. So if you're going to steal
your neighbors' newspaper, that's the time to do it.

4. Don't be irreplaceable. If you can't be replaced, you can't
be promoted.

5. Always remember that you're unique. Just like everyone else.

6. Never test the depth of the water with both feet.

7. If you think nobody cares if you're alive, try missing a
couple of car payments.

8. Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their
shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you're a mile
away and you have their shoes.

9. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.

10. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him
how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.

11. If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it
was probably worth it.

12. If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.

13. Some days you're the bug; some days you're the windshield.

14. Everyone seems normal until you get to know them.

15. The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half
and put it back in your pocket.

16. A closed mouth gathers no foot.

17. Duct tape is like 'The Force'. It has a light side and a
dark side, and it holds the universe together.

18. There are two theories to arguing with women. Neither
one works.

19. Generally speaking, you aren't learning much when your lips
are moving.

20. Experience is something you don't get until just after you
need it.

21. Never miss a good chance to shut up.

22. Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a
laxative on the same night.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Communist Party

Clamo, clamatis, omnes clamamus pro glace lactis

Guinness Ice Cream. Yes, please.

A Day In The Life for sale

NEW YORK -- Thirty-nine-years ago Tuesday, John Lennon finished the morning paper and wrote "A Day In The Life." And Tuesday, the original draft of the lyrics to that song went on sale. (WFTV)

Crede stays in Chicago

One year deal, about $2 1/2 Million.

I'm happy: he did great in the clutch. Just needs to be a bit more consistent...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Norv to San Fran

My first thought was WHAT?!?

But then I RTFA, and it makes sense. Good for him. Smart move, good idea. I wish him well.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Marty to Oakland?

Great. Just what the Bucs need: losing one of our best coaches...

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Donald vs. Daffy - The Final Battle


Ach! Crivvens!

Paul Kidby's website says a real, honest-to-gods, Terry Pratchett movie is in the works:



Mike Horn verses Arctic Winter

Extreme explorer, Mike Horn, will set off in the next few days on another extraordinary mission, the type of challenge that sets Mike apart from pretty well any other modern day adventurer. After swimming the length of the Amazon in six months, circling the globe without powered assistance at the Equator starting in June 1999 and finishing 17 months later in October 2000, and then more recently circling the planet at the Arctic Circle, including a winter time traverse of Siberia (2 years, 3 months long), it’s hard to find the right words to describe the quite incredible ability and determination of this modern day Shackleton, Amundsen and Hilary all in one.

Mike’s mission, a ‘training’ event for his Seven Wonders project (to be revealed on his return), is attempting to walk, unassisted by machines or dogs, the 1000 kilometres to the North Pole, in the darkness and extremely low temperatures of a sunless winter (-50C expected to be the ‘average’), to arrive at the top of the planet as the sun rises for the first time in 2006.

Ellen MacArthur’s Offshore Challenges are supporting Mike’s mission as part of the Adventure Team formed in 2005. Ellen’s perspective on Mike, sets the scene for yet another unbelievable voyage, share it with us.

Sign up for updates at http://www.mikehornnorthpole.com

No Way!

Chicago City Clerk James Laski is charged in federal court with taking bribes and telling a witness to lie to a grand jury. Latest details.

Corruption in Chicago Politics?!? Impossible!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Marc Potvin (former Red Wing) dies

LAKE ST. LOUIS, MO--- On behalf of the United Hockey League (UHL), Adirondack Frostbite, and Kalamazoo Wings, it was announced that Adirondack Frostbite Head Coach Marc Potvin was found deceased this morning.

At this time, there will be no further information given until Kalamazoo Public Safety has completed their autopsy.

With this information, UHL Game #251, Adirondack @ Kalamazoo scheduled for 7:30 PM this evening has been postponed.

"We are deeply saddened by this loss today," stated Richard Brosal, UHL President/CEO. "Marc was not only a respected coach in this league, but also a great friend to us all. The United Hockey League family sends our thoughts and prayers to the Potvin family, the Adirondack Frostbite organization and players."

The UHL and Adirondack Frostbite ask that privacy on this matter be respected. Further information will be released as it becomes available.


So far, I'm having a pretty damn good Friday. Here's hoping it continues, and that you have one, too.

And a big thanks to Our Daily Dead for linking to this blog. I'll get up to five readers yet! It's indeed humbling to be on a blogroll that includes links to Mojo Nixon and The Dead Kennedys...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

file under CRAP, HOLY

The latest from stormswept Oregon from my Brother Roy, serving as our intrepid roving...make that rowing...reporter:

It is shit storming again here at the now sinking Oregon coast…

Reported gusts of 26-30 mph belie the actual 60mph gusts that have blown almost non-stop here.

On my trip inland yesterday, the road was “littered” with boulders (!!!) the size of my car!

Last evening as Rick and I were closing the doors to our shop, it began to wail and a sound like 12 anti-aircraft batteries took us aback. Then the SPL increased to a level we haven’t heard EVER in that shop…then hail fell in a release that dumped about one inch of ice right before our eyes! (all at once !)

While we all now I’m as full of shit as a Christmas turkey you all know I’m not much for B.S.

This is the most intense weather that HASN’T caused a major calamity I’ve ever been in.

The land separating most of us from the raging waters of the Pacific is (in my case, particularly) less than ¼ mile.

That land is beyond the saturation point… I firmly believe we’re seeing the beginning of the erosion that re-forms continents.

Found it!

MORISON, SAMUEL ELIOT; COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE The Growth of the American Republic New York, Oxford University Press. 1942, 5th Printing. Hard Cover. Ill.: Illustrated. 9.25x6.25 inches. 825 indexed pages. Blue cover. Spine faded. Includes pull-out maps. Owner's name on front paste down. A history textbook about America that begins before Columbus sailed the sea and ends in 1865. Near Very Good.
USD 11.00 [Appr.: EURO 9.25 £UK 6.25 JP¥ 1256]
[USA:] Connie Popek, Bookseller. Book number: 118859
Click here to view more of our catalogue: American History.
Keywords: American History Illustrated

I am such an unbelievably sad human being.

House full of books I've been dying to read after the Pratchett Project...including a separate Pratchett Trilogy...and what am I reading?

Volume II of the book listed above...a freaking college textbook from 1942 which I found while cleaning out a drawer. I'm a hundred pages into a 64 year-old, 785 page history textbook. Because it's interesting seeing how differently history was viewed during WWII. It's a chance to step back and get a different perspective.

And nothing smells quite like an antique book...

Not to mention I went online to find how much I might be able to get for a couple older books I have...and instead, I've smiled with delight at finding the first volume of the book I'm reading now for only 11 bucks, plus 7 for shipping.


But an impoverished nerd, so...alas...Volume I will have to wait for a richer day.

But...The Hunt. That's the thing!

All these Hurricanes this year were even more unusual than we thought...

During the record-setting hurricane season of 2005 three of the most powerful storms--Rita, Katrina, and Emily--did have lightning, lots of it. And researchers would like to know why.

Indeed, the electric fields above Emily were among the strongest ever measured by the aircraft's sensors over any storm. "We observed steady fields in excess of 8 kilovolts per meter," says Blakeslee. "That is huge--comparable to the strongest fields we would expect to find over a large land-based 'mesoscale' thunderstorm." (physorg.com)

How did I not think of this when the rate jumped?


Fans: Put 39-Year-Old Benny On 39-Cent Stamp

Nats looking at Sosa

"O ye gods, ye gods! must I endure all this?"

- Cassius, Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Act 4, Scene 3

It's my fault. I know it. Because I decided to wear the Nats hat to work today...

"Tonight on Fox..."

"...join us for When Religious Festivals Attack!"

3 hours ago:

-- Muslims killed in stampede during ritual stoning of devil at Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia; Reuters reports at least 50 dead.

17 minutes ago:

-- At least 345 people killed in Hajj stampede, according to officials in Saudi Arabia.

Praise God! Carefully!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Self Publishing into B&N

To read later...

Monday, January 09, 2006

Why Erik Kuselias is my hero

First of all...check out his producer, Amanda Brown.

I believe the word is DAMN. That's a classicaly beautiful human being.

Secondly, he puts out a great show every day, even if he's been moved to another timeslot.

Thirdly, he's a lawyer...but he doesn't meet the typical requirement of evil one associates them with. To the contrary, he's a devoted husband, doting father, and the kinda guy you can kick back and drink a beer with at the game, and discuss anything at all.

Fourth, he asks the probing, intelligent questions we'd all love to hear the answers to from some of the biggest names in sports every day. Like Jerry Rice. Like Dick Vitale. Like Muhammad Ali. Like Bud Selig.

And yes. Like the Coors Twins.

And finally...he agrees with me about the catch Saturday in the Bucs' catastrophic and embarassing-as-all-hell loss to Washington in the Wild Card Game. Any other spot on the field...that's a frickin' catch. We were robbed of an overtime where we would have continued to stuff Portis, and eventually found Joey in the end zone for the win.

I heard this on the way home today, verifying to me once again that when people ask who MY favorite radio person is, my pat-answer of Erik Kuselias is accurate, and genuine.

So glad to have him back on for my ride home. It was weird listening to other people fill his timeslot most of last month.

He's interesting, funny, smarter than 99% of his audience (that number includes me, of course), and above all else...he's absolutely right. My Bucs got screwed by the officials.

The Filthy Monkey Speaks

Interview with the Dark Lord Warren Ellis on Buzzscope.

India has allegedly aborted 10 Million Females

(via Warren)

Over the last 20 years, about 10 million female fetuses may have been selectively aborted following ultrasound results in India, suggest Prabhat Jha at the University of Toronto, Canada, and colleagues. (Newscientist)

Nobody leans on Snarky's Machine

Ah, yes. The fine art of Snark in reporting. On the rise, thanks to some strange innovation known as "blogging"...

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Vick's Formula 44D version 2.0 loses his gig

Blacksburg, Va., January 6, 2006 -- Virginia Tech quarterback Marcus Vick has been permanently dismissed from the Hokie football program due to a cumulative effect of legal infractions and unsportsmanlike play.

Virginia Tech had suspended Vick in 2004. The university provided one last opportunity for Vick to become a citizen of the university and readmitted him in January 2005, with the proviso that any future problems would result in automatic dismissal from the team.

Head Football Coach Frank Beamer met with Vick and his mother this afternoon and informed the quarterback and his family of the University's decision. His recent actions are unfortunate and we wish him well in his future endeavors.

Said Coach Frank Beamer, "I'm very disappointed that this didn't have a better ending. We wanted what's best for this football team and Marcus. I certainly wish him the best."

Friday, January 06, 2006

Lou Rawls has died

Damn. Admittedly, I don't know his music that well, but I've heard it, and he was damn good.

Singer Lou Rawls has died of cancer. For full coverage, go to chicagotribune.com's front page.

Houston's Favorite Son

OK, I'm mulling over the NFL Draft. I'm no expert, I'm just a fan who pays attention. And I love the Houston Texans. As much as I dislike cities getting a new franchise after they blew it with another, I also understand that the fans usually aren't to blame. Owners can screw a city and make themselves look justified in doing so. So my stance has softened on the Texans since the team began, and I kinda like the way they keep fighting despite a huge lack of talent and a collection of fans who are constantly disappointed.

Houston is getting worse, not better, despite having coaches who seem to have a grasp on development. And also, despite having David Carr, a pretty damn good Quarterback who has a worse O-line than my Bucs, and almost no talent to give the ball to once it's snapped to him.

Here's what I think needs to happen.

Let Reggie Bush go to the Saints.

Vince Young is the answer.

He just ran roughshod over what every "expert" was falling all over itself to crown as The Greatest College Team Ever. He's a Houston native. He'll put asses in the seats. Revenue goes up. You can afford better talent when that happens.

(re)Building a team around a homegrown QB, in a state where Football is nearly as important as Jesus and BBQ, would be the best Pro Sports marketing move since letting the fans own the Packers.

You want to build real loyalty and love in Houston for the Texans?

Skip the Heisman winner. How many of them work out in the Pros, anyway?

Vince Young should wear #10 for the Texans.

Sure, one game does not a career define. But this wasn't just one game. This was a general, destroying everyone in their path, including the USC Team that won a million games or so leading up to the Rose Bowl.

Bet your bottom dollar

(my contribution to a discussion this morning in my producer's network, where someone mentioned Annie)

My little sister Hollie watched Annie one summer. Every day. Twice.

It was the first summer that I didn't spend on the road with my Grandparents, so I was home a lot (as it was also especially rainy, and most of my friends were out on vacations.) After all, you can only play by yourself so much at the age of 12 before you start to get reckless and have to go indoors out of self-preservation.

Hollie had taped Annie on her Very Own Betamax Tape. That's capitalized for a reason. When you're a kid, having Your Own Tape to put things on is a HUGE deal. And so, she watched Her Tape every day that summer. Twice.

I have Annie memorized to the point that I flinch whenever someone sings that song. I get a nervous tic just talking about it now. I hated 7up for ages because the Uncola Guy was in the movie. I used to hear the songs in my sleep. Sometimes, they're still there.

Last year, my sister rented it on VHS and wrapped it as a gag Christmas gift for me. She threatens to buy it for Emily from time to time.

Emily would be all over this movie, as much as she loves to sing. The moment Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan stop putting out product...I'm doomed.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Nats Stadium mess still a mess

Baseball President Robert A. DuPuy said the District's failure to ratify a stadium lease agreement between baseball and the city led baseball officials to believe arbitration is necessary. (Post)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Day The TV Died

But managing this transition -- which will render about 70 million TV sets obsolete -- will be not be easy. Nothing is, when the federal government gets involved. Indeed, Congress will soon have to revisit this issue, to clean up this mess it has created. (fortune)

You have got to be kidding me.

What the hell is wrong with people? Who the hell thought this was going to be a great idea for a film???

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Khabi's been khurt

Watching the Blackhawks with The Boy, and it occurs to me that this is the second game I've seen recently where the backup goalie was in instead of Khabiboulin.

Now I know why:

1/1/2006 9:15 AM
Nikolai Khabibulin (groin) was placed on IR Saturday retroactive to last Wednesday's game vs. St. Louis. He is eligible to come off Thursday in Vancouver, but coach Trent Yawney says he'll need a week of rest and a few practices before returning to the lineup.

Bummer. And I coulda SWORE there was an "O" in his name, too. Huh. Learn something new every day...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Odd Weather

Two big ass earthquakes:

A magnitude 7.3 earthquake EAST OF SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS has occurred at:60.81S 21.46W Depth 10km Mon Jan 2 06:10:49 2006 UTC

A magnitude 7.1 earthquake IN THE FIJI REGION has occurred at:19.88S 178.23W Depth 579km Mon Jan 2 22:13:40 2006 UTC

And a wild Thunderstorm/Hailstorm here in NW Indiana. In January. Bizarre.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


The Giants beat Oakland last night, which was enough to clinch a playoff berth for the Bucs. If we win, we're the third seed behind Chicago and Seattle. A loss makes us the 4th or 5th seed. But we're in.

Up 14-3 right now in the 2nd...but the Saints are marching in.

Listening to Gene's call (finally found a station that had it), and no sooner do I turn it on...then the Bucs start letting New Orleans work up the field.


Very sore throat this morning, foot is somewhat better but still doesn't like weight on it.

Shit. Saints just scored. Where's my fucking gameday hat?!?